The Caterpillar company has presented a new line of excavators

45% — 25% — 15% – three sizes which are inseparably linked with start of innovative Cat® excavators of new generation!

The innovative technologies integrated into new models of excavators provide increase in overall performance of the operator, decrease in expenses on fuel and maintenance.

The new Cat 320 GC excavator is developed for conditions with low and average intensity of operation. Cat 320GC provides the minimum cost of possession and operation.

Catalog includes both genuine Caterpillar parts and certified aftermarket.

The new Cat 320 excavator is intended for operation with high intensity. The unique built-in technologies in branch provide increase in overall performance of the operator and guarantee the minimum cost of production of works.

Cat 323 – the most powerful and productive excavator in a new model range. In combination with unique technologies, Cat 323 provides the maximum productivity and efficiency.

New Cat 320 and 323 excavators in a basic equipment are equipped with unique technologies.

The control system of the Profile of a surface of 2D (Cat Grade Control) provides increase in overall performance of the operator up to 45%. On the monitor the provision of a ladle concerning the set target marks of depth of digging and a corner of a bias of a trench or a slope is displayed.

The Assistant to Grade Assist function provides automated management of the provision of a ladle and arrow when profiling slopes or planning a bottom of a trench on the set corner. The operator performs work quickly and with high precision, operating only the provision of a handle of the excavator. The control system of the Profile of a surface 2D can be updated to the 3D level for work on the project.

The E-Fence system provides safe performance of work in the set space. At input of limit borders of movement of working body of the excavator (on height, depth, a departure, an angle of rotation), the Barrier system doesn’t allow to go beyond their limits.

The system of Weighing Cat Production Measurement provides exact control of the set useful loading of dump trucks. Full information on access excavator productivity far off via the Vision Link interface.

Reliable and durable Cat engines with a power from 107 to 117 kW completely answer service conditions for which they are developed. Excavators of new generation consume up to 25% less fuel, in comparison with the previous models. The new Adaptive mode automatically operates the engine and hydraulic system, optimizing fuel consumption.

On Cat 320 GC excavators, 320 and 323 the new cooling system with use of separate fans with the electric drive for each contour which provides the minimum losses of engine capacity and decrease in fuel consumption is installed.

The new electrohydraulic system excluding pilot lines provides the minimum time of reaction and reduces losses in a hydraulic contour. Reduction of volume of a hydraulic contour by 20% leads to decrease in operational costs.