You hear men joke they are the king of the castle and their throne is located in the bathroom, well maybe that isn’t a joke. Why not dress that bathroom up to until it look richer and more elegant? One way to do this very easy is to use oak vanity.

With oak being associated with traditional looks than modern furniture, you may want to get something that has a nice sink vanity.

From there you will need to measure and choose you’re the cabinets. If you are buying from the same furniture line and manufacturer, you will never have any problem matching up the stain colour but if you are mixing and matching pieces, you will need to make sure that everything blends well.

Incase you have a large bathroom; your wife would love an area to finish up her makeup and still be close to the sink. Think about getting a wall mounted mirror along with small make-up table and vanity chair. This can be her little area to use while you are splashing water all over during your shave.

Oak vanity has always been noted for its rich features. The affect that it has on any room is noticed the moment one walk into it.Most people do not often think of oak in the bathroom as it is a white and sterile looking area.

However, there is no reason that the bathroom should not look as good as the rest of the house, an aok vanity can bring your bathroom up to snuff and give you another room to be proud in your house.

Anytime you are redecorating your bathroom, you will want to start with the vanity. This is what everyone is going to notice when they walk into the bathroom.