Almost all Concerning Epoxy Garage Ground Linings Techniques

Why have an epoxy garage flooring? Regular garage floors are just plain gray concrete. In excess of time, stains from grease, oils, and chemical compounds result in basic gray concrete to turn into an unsightly eyesore. Having an epoxy garage ground coating will give you years of support, sturdiness and will resist most stains as nicely as offer you with a superbly, completed surface to maintain the worth of your property.

The Most Widespread Epoxy Floor Coating Methods

There are three frequent programs available that will boost your garage floor:

one. & Polyurethane Reliable Color System

2. Epoxy Chipstone (partial vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Prime Coat System

three. Epoxy Granitex (one hundred% vinyl chip broadcast) with Polyurethane Best Coat Technique

Maintain in head that with these 3 epoxy techniques, you have ‘good’, ‘better’ and ‘best’ types of epoxy garage ground methods.

The Good Method

The epoxy polyurethane sound colour method will final roughly 5-7 several years, servicing free of charge, but will demand a upkeep coat of pigmented polyurethane. This garage ground coating is usually a two-coat, thin film system ranging in thickness from four-twenty mils. It is used by roller or airless sprayer.

The Better Method

The epoxy Chipstone technique will final approximately 7-twelve several years, servicing cost-free ahead of needing a maintenance coat of clear polyurethane. This epoxy garage floor method usually is composed of one pigmented primer coat of epoxy a pigmented coloration coat with a partial/mild broadcast of vinyl chips into the wet epoxy and a solitary coat of obvious polyurethane for security. The thickness is approximately 20-30 mils.

The Ideal Program

The epoxy Granitex program can previous as extended as twelve-fifteen+ many years, upkeep totally free prior to needing a servicing coat of polyurethane. This epoxy flooring coating is generally a single pigmented primer coat a pigmented shade coat with a one hundred%/total broadcast of vinyl chips and two coats of distinct polyurethane.


Suitable surface preparation is crucial to the prolonged term accomplishment of the installation. All surfaces to be coated should be cleaned of contaminants which may interfere with bonding. Concrete have to be acid-etched, shot-blasted or diamond-floor to accomplish a profile similar to one hundred twenty grit sandpaper. Soon after planning, the concrete floor must be inspected for holes and cracks. If holes or cracks are common, then patchwork need to be done. When preparation is comprehensive, installation is completely ready to get started.

Installation of Granitex Epoxy Garage Ground System:

1. Area planning, patchwork and roll one particular coat of pigmented epoxy primer.

two. Following epoxy primer is dry, examine, prep and roll one coat of pigmented epoxy above primed spot. Work in 10×10 or 12×12 sections at a time. Whilst epoxy is moist, broadcast vinyl chips into wet epoxy. Be sure the spot gets 100% protection. When all sections are totally coated, allow dry thoroughly.

3. As soon as all sections are dry, scrape, sweep and vacuum all surplus Granitex vinyl chips from the area. Implement a skinny coat of polyurethane to lock and lay vinyl chips down.

four. When the polyurethane is dry, apply a next coat for a final prime coat. As an option, non-skid resin sand can be added to enhance the slip resistance.

All epoxy garage floor coatings can be effortlessly cleaned with gentle, liquid detergents then mopping, hosing or even “swiffering”. Grease, oils, and most chemical substances will not stain or soak up into the epoxy coated floor.